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Testimonials from Tenants

"Thank you for room. For the last 2 years, it's been an utter pleasure."
Jonathan Price, Baker (2022-2024)
"Responsive & professional landlord. Decent tenants."
Odain Dempster, Teacher (2022-2023)
"Great house, everything you need is included. Great location, really good for access to Birmingham. I found Bill to be really excellent in contacting me back whenever I had any questions about anything. I only left as I moved out of the Birmingham area."
Shaun Geary, Teacher (2014-2022)
"The house has been ideal for me: the area feels safe and is close to lovely places to walk and cycle, while being within easy commuting distance for the City Centre. Bill has been a very fair landlord and has quickly resolved any queries I have had about the house."
Esther Edwards, Accountant (2021-2022)
"Bill has been fair, flexible, understanding, clear, and accommodating from the get-go. He's been very quick to get any repairs or improvements done to the house and the room, I fully recommend reaching out to Bill if you want to be heard and feel right at home. Reasonable prices for a great place to live too. Thanks for everything!"
Rudy Acar, Advertising (2021-2021)
"Bill was a very good landlord, fixed any problems I had and the house was a pleasant place to be."
Marty Boylan, Dept of Justice (2015-2021)
"Thanks for having me, it's a really nice and quiet house, the garden is a lovely place to relax in good weather. Many thanks for all since I've lived here, the whole renting process, from beginning to end with you, has been a welcome breath of fresh air."
Róisín Jordan, University PhD (2020-2021)
"A lovely comfortable house with a nice garden, in a quiet part of Kings Heath. Great for local amenities and public transport. I have spent 10 very happy years here."
Michael Willis, Dept for Pensions (2011-2020)
"As a tenant, I've been very satisfied of the services received. You've been very prompt and answered straight and solved any problems. The house was very comfortable, clean and I felt very welcome in this very nice and quiet area. The check in and check out were very nice, prompt and simple. For me was the most pleasant experience to live in your house and I will miss. I will highly recommend you to everyone."
Alina Romanescu, Dentist (2017-2020)
"I have lived in one of Bill's properties on Brentford Road for over 7 years, and the only reason I am leaving is for a new job away from Birmingham. During this time, there has been only a small turn over of 3 tenants in the property which has really helped with making it a lovely place to live. The housemates are quiet, respectful and sociable, we often spend time together in the evening chatting while cooking and watching television, although equally we have our own space to relax if needed. I have really enjoyed my time in the house."
Rob Hunt, Teacher (2013-2020)
"I would recommend renting with Bill. He is a good landlord. He is very friendly and helpful, but is also professional and business-like when necessary. You know where you are, and everything is above board."
Thomasin Bailey, Project Manager (2018-19)
"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for extending a warm welcome. My time at Taylor Rd has been a total pleasure.  I found the property always kept to a high standard and your other tenants an absolute joy. I wish I could have stayed longer and would not hesitate to recommend your rooms and your level of professionalism. I have very much enjoyed my stay at Taylor Rd, and would like to thank you for a pleasant experience during my time there."
Colin Carter, IT Consultant (2018-2018)
"I have very much enjoyed my stay at Taylor Rd, and would like to thank you for a pleasant experience during my time there."
Richard Colledge, Accountant (2017-2018)
"Since I moved to United Kingdom 2 years ago I stayed at this house in a good and quiet location. Bill and his lovely family have always made everything a bit easier (even when my language skills were a problem). If I have to come back to Birmingham in the future, sure I will contact him."
Cesar Sanchez, Vet (2015-2017)
"I am very grateful for what has been a well maintained and fairly priced room. Thank you very much for everything."
Jack Massie, Surveyor (2016-2017)
"Thanks for everything this year, I've really enjoyed my time in Birmingham."
Leah Owens, Vet (2015-2016)
"The house is ideally located in Kings Heath, in a quiet area near the convenience stores. City-Centre is just a short bus ride. Contractors look after maintenance of garden and cleaning of the houses. Bills are included in the rent which saves time and energy. Good value for money. I've been very pleased with my stay here. Thank you very much."
David Daroque, Agriculturist (2014-2015)
"Hi Bill , sadly come to that time which I thought I'd never say, but I'm moving on. Have to say had a real nice time here, and enjoyed everyone at the house."
Phil Bedford, Physiotherapist (2012-2015)
"Happy to give the house a glowing reference. The boys were everso nice, lovely back garden, great cleanliness, top shower."
Catherine Pitt, Teacher (2014-2015)
"I have really  enjoyed living with Zoe & Rob, and the house has been great."
Chris Bloomfield, Healthclub Mgr (2014-2015)
"Bill is an excellent landlord - easy to contact, friendly, and helpful. That the bills for council tax, cleaner, gardener, & other utilities were included in the monthly rent made both moving in and moving out less stressful. Value for money."
Paul Horn, Midlands Art Centre (2013-2014)
"Quiet, friendly house; good location, close to everything. It's been a pleasure, thanks a lot "
Joanne Lane, Salon Manager (2012-2014)
"Cracking location, great value for money with a lovely little garden, I was very happy at Taylor Road and encountered no problems at all during my tenancy. I must say that I've appreciated your hands-off approach to the business of being a landlord"
Nick Cooper, Legal Exec (2012-2013)
"The house is comfortable and well maintained. Bill solves any maintenance issues that do pop up in a timely fashion and looks after the communal areas very well."
James Oatley, Account Manager (2012-2013)
"Clean and quiet house, big room."
Semia Hennous, Accountant (2012-2012)
"It has been a short and sweet delight living in this accommodation. It's clean, quiet, the view is superb and it has everything a working professional like myself could have wanted! I am truly sad to leave. Thank you Bill"
Kirsty Gull, Speech Therapist (2012-2012)
"Thanks for a hassle-free year."
Aidan Miskelly, Nurse (2011-2012)
"Bill is an excellent landlord, and I have thoroughly enjoyed living in one of his properties. The house is well maintained, and having a cleaner and gardener is a great bonus!"
Alex Stubbs, Administrator (2009-2010)
"I have enjoyed living at the property and you have been an excellent landlord. Thanks for all the work you have done on the house in the last 2 years I have been here. The changes have really worked and it is a very pleasant place to live."
Ewan McIntosh, Teacher (2007-2010)
"Thanks for being a decent landlord. Home for 5 years. I'm going to miss this place a lot!"
Janine Wulf, Teacher (2004-2009)
"I cannot think of another landlord being as polite, considerate and friendly as you are. Thank you for the small gestures which you made with respect to me and my privacy. The maintenance of the house was good. Thank you for always calling or e-mailing ahead of time to warn me of any work you would be doing. It was never difficult to contact you, for you check your e-mail often. I liked all my housemates, you really let in only nice people. I have so many nice memories to take away with me from the time I lived in Kings Heath. To find this accommodation was an answer to my prayer. I wanted a room on the second floor with a beautiful view in a nice and quiet place, but at the same time not very far from the bus stop, and yet to have a nearby park. Your house offered all this, and much more :)"
Raya Ayranova, Dentist (2008-2009)
"I moved from a different part of the country, so knowing that all the bills were included in my rental fee was a load off my mind - I think we all know what a pain it can be setting every thing up when we move. The house was really good. We had a cleaner (who came in once a week) and a gardener (who came in from time to time), so there were no arguments about who was going to do what, and if ever we needed something fixing Bill would sort it out straight away. This was my first time renting and I'm happy to say it was a good experience."
Shelley Boleman, Administrator (2006-2007)
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